• RedHead Spike Camp Frame Pack

    Posted on January 8, 2012 by in Outdoor Gear Reviews, Redhead Back Pack Reviews

    The RedHead Spike Camp Elk Pack, a great pack from RedHead Outdoors

    COMFORT:  Super comfortable elk hunting pack!  The yoke style padded shoulder and waist straps give the hunter a comfortable ride.  With the composite frame the pack can bend and move more than the average steel frame pack.  One of the best padded packs I have tested to date!

    Front STORAGE:  This pack has a rifle harness that can also be used to carry a bow.  8 extra straps are provided with the RedHead Spike Camp pack, which give you the ability to strap a quarter or rack to your frame.  The main compartment is top down loadable and provides ample space, at 7,130 cubic inches, for a your gear.  The top and bottom of the Spike Camp pack have 2 compression straps for tightening your load down.  The sides of the pack have 2 large pockets built for a spotting scope, the right front of these pockets contains a “night sight LED” retractable light.  This makes hiking or finding gear in the dark much easier.   The top of the spike camp frame pack has a accessible top pocket to store you calls or radio.

    FUNCTIONALITY:   The frame can be used with the back pack or on its own as a true pack frame.   The composite frame may scare some people off but I can tell you personally it is quite strong and can handle a good load.  I put 60 lbs of gear on the frame while testing it and it held up great, it is rated to carry up to 80 lbs.  Also an advantage of the composite frame is that it is more durable than an aluminum frame.   The back support suspension on the frame is removable as well, but I would leave it on.

    SIZE: Weight: 6.93 lbs,  Dimensions: 36″ x 17.5″ x 10.5″

    DRAWBACKS: The Redhead Spike Camp frame pack is not waterproof, the material is water resistant (like scotch-guard). The composite frame does not have  a shelf for packing quarters out.  This will make back woods pack outs much more difficult.  The hydration Tek-Lock system is sold separately

    OVERALL:   The RedHead Spike Camp Frame Pack has a large capacity for packing your gear across any terrain.  The lightweight composite frame allows for a comfortable experience for the hunter.  The lack of a meat shelf down grades the pack for elk hunters.  I really loved the way this pack felt while wearing it.  This pack could pack all my gear and attach the extra to the frame via strap.


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