• RedHead Big Bore Waist Pack

    Posted on February 25, 2012 by in Outdoor Gear Reviews, Redhead Back Pack Reviews

    RedHead Big Bore waist pack

    DRAWBACKS:  The Redhead Big Bore waist pack is very small, the strapping is way too short all the way around.  grantedredhead big bore fanny pack being 6’4″ doesn’t help but even my brother who is 5-11 had trouble getting the pack to fit properly.  The shoulder straping only allowed the pack to come down around my mid-back, no where close to my waist.  The front lashing straps between that connect the shoulder straps were too short for me to snap together, I have a large chest but even with a jacket on it would be hard for a regular sized guy to get to fit.

    COMFORT: The waist pack is comfortable enough on your shoulders but seeing as the pack doesn’t fit your waist properly due to the short shoulder strapping, most of the pressure would be put on your shoulders and lower back.  Not a good combination when hiking for extended periods of time.

    STORAGE: The Big Bore fanny pack has plenty of pockets as well as a hydration compartment.  The pockets can be moved to different parts of the pack or removed from the pack.  The pockets are well organized and allow you to store a bunch of gear bino-pocket on the outside of the pack is a nice feature.  The pockets as well as the storage capacity are a little on the small side

    FUNCTIONALITY: The hydration system is nice to have, and at over 2 liters is pretty good sized for a fanny pack.  The fabric is water resistant and is NOT water-proof.  I would not carry anything electronic in the outside pockets< strong>SIZE:  Volume: 1,726 cubic inches. Weight: 2.58 lbs. Dimensions” 18″H x 13.5″W x 7″D.

    OVERALL: The Redhead Big Bore fanny is a well constructed pack, but I have trouble getting my head around the size issue.  This pack would be great for women or young kids.  I just don’t see it fitting a anyone over 5’9″ tall.  The price is right on this pack at under $100.  As an elk hunter I would not recommend this pack based on the size, comfort and capacity.  Redhead usually comes out with some good equipment, but they have missed the mark here.

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