• Redhead 1856 Head Hunter Backpack Review

    Posted on December 26, 2011 by in Redhead Back Pack Reviews

    Made to pack gear and lots of it, the RedHead 1856 Head Hunter Internal Frame Backpack is a pack for the everyday hunter.  The Head Hunter pack has 3445 cubic inches of storage which is a fair amount compared to the other packs on the market, but is by no means a large capacity pack.

    If you are looking to haul and Elk out with this pack…..Good Luck!  The internal frame will support large loads of game or hunting equipment and with the suspended mesh back and padded waist belt and with load lifter straps carrying large loads is quite comfortable.  In fact when testing this pack I put 50 lbs of weight in the back and I really didn’t feel it all that much as I hiked along. The pack did sag a bit due to the weight but nothing ripped or broke.

    One thing I really like about the Redhead Head Hunter back pack is the accessible front pockets on the fanny strap, which makes getting to your calls quick and easy.  The Head Hunter also has frontal webbing loops and Rings at the bottom of the pack to attach any extra gear that you might not have room for such as a bugle tube or hats and gloves.

    You can also add a hydration pouch as the pack is compatible, I had hoped that this would be included with the purchase but it is sold separately which allows you to buy a high quality camelback pouch, which might be a better option.  The 1856 Head Hunter features a stowaway blaze rain cover for extra protection from the elements and a zip closure hood accessory pocket.  I love the cover idea for the pack, but how often will you use this feature? Especially if it is blaze orange! Uck!

    Overall I do recommend this pack for the hunter who is looking for pack with a lot of features at a good price point.

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