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    The Badlands Monster fanny pack is probably the highest quality fanny pack on the market!

    COMFORT:  This pack comes with Badlands molded foam suspension and high quality waist strap padding, this along with the 3 point shoulder strapping makes the Monster one of the most comfortable packs I have tested.

    STORAGE:  The Monster fanny has over 1,100 cubic inches of storage space in 5 large pockets. Which is quite good compared to other waist packs on the market.

    FUNCTIONALITY:  The Badlands Monster pack can be used as a supplemental pack to you larger backpack.  I use my fanny pack as my day pack under my regular backpack.  The pack also features a flex frame that is built into of the back of the pack. This bar allows the pack to hold its shape horizontally and keeps the pack from drooping down in the back.  I really like this feature as fanny packs I have owned in the past would droop down in the back and easily slide over my butt. be worn with or without the shoulder straps.  Detaching the shoulder straps allows you the hunter to wear the pack in front, allowing greater access to the pockets and storage.   This pack is perfect for the archery hunter, who needs to keep his calls and reeds close and accessible.

    SIZE:  This pack is great for the BIG man in your life…I am 6’4” 280 lbs and this fanny pack fits me comfortably and allows me to get deep into the forest without weighing me down. The fanny pack weighs just less than 3 lbs at 2 lbs, 14oz.  I sometimes forget that I am wearing it when I am in the field, as the straps are balanced to work with your center of gravity.

    DRAWBACKS: Price – One of the most expensive fanny packs on the market. Waterproof – the monster is not water-proof! It is water resistant, but I wouldn’t recommend swimming with it. Hydration – This fanny pack DOES NOT come with a hydration pack although you could get creative and add one yourself.  Doing this though would take away much of the capacity of the pack and weigh it down significantly.

    OVERALL:  I personally recommend that every big game hunter and especially archery hunters have a fanny pack with Waist Paddingshoulder strap capabilities.  They allow you to be flexible in any outdoor situation whether packing deep into the wilderness or on a day hunt.  I have had one for about 5 years now and I can honestly tell you I don’t leave home without it.  The Badlands Monster is the highest quality fanny pack on the market, it really is top of the line.  This quality is reflected of course in the price! There are other packs on the market that are as functional as the Monster, but none of them have the quality of this pack.  One thing that always keeps customers loyal to Badlands is there customer service and warranty that is bar none the best in the industry.

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